Rides in Delhi Transport Buses

Travelling in buses has always been a happy experience for me while I was growing up in Delhi. It was difficult, but those close encounters with different kinds of people travelling together, jostling and trying to make it to their destination amidst the cacophony of blaring horns and whirring sounds of buses, scooters and all other vehicles, I learnt what life is all about. It was fun watching how people behaved in different circumstances – there were angry aunties, chilled out grandpa’s, ogling youths, chatty middle aged women, giggling girlies, serious ad purposeful office goers. Some of the routes would have regular people going at regular timings and then they would become friendly and chat their way to their destination.

There used to be such a hurry and scurry of people to get in and grab a seat in the bus. Sometimes it used to lead to shouts and angry fights. As children, it was always fun to see and experience these incidents. It was fun going as a group – laughing and chatting all the way. There were also times when it used to be extremely uncomfortable with smelly sweaty people coming and standing close and grazing your body.

The situation has changed now. Instead of those Green and Yellow DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses, there are a whole host of choices in buses. Metros have made life quite easy. But even when it comes to DTC buses, an increase in the number of buses has made travelling very comfortable. There are green low floor buses and red coloured A/c buses for a nominal upcharge in the fares. In extreme weather conditions of Delhi, most of the people prefer taking an A/c bus.

Then there are other buses too – like an Orange bus, Metro Feeders. If you want to really pamper yourself with a ride by yourself, Autorickshaws, Ola’s and Uber’s are always available.

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