Modi’s degree of deceit

The Indian PM does not need any particular high educational qualification to occupy the post. But having once said that he possesses XYZ degrees, it behoves him to stand by it through thick and thin. What AAP or other political parties are trying to say is that there has to be a correlation between words and actions. There is a trust deficit that envelopes any statement of our PM, becoz of the corresponding trust deficit that envelopes the cloud of his statement of his educational qualifications. It was unnecessary, but having once committed to it, he has hardly any option but to come clean on it.

These have ramifications beyond mere expression of statements. They underscore a moral rectitude that needs addressing. The very fact that you need a press conference where you have Mr. Arun Jaitly and Mr. Venkaiah Naidu waving another person’s degree smacks of a cover up that any amount of rooftop shouting is not going to cover. For all we know (or as in this case, not) our PM might genuinely have completed his degrees from the said universities. But that is being overshadowed by sheer show of machismoistic bravado that has all the making of an egg on the face. Completely unnecessary but now completely unavoidable.