Delhi Traffic – mess and management

What has the govt. got to say about the fact that on the first day of the phase 2 of the odd-even plan, even though logically 50% of the cars were off the road, the pollution levels were comparatively higher than on non-plan day?

Mr. Gopal Rai, the minister for Transport for the Govt. of NCT of Delhi made some common sense remarks about how the pollution was bound to reduce since the number of vehicles that were contributing to the pollution were down by roughly 50%. But he still could not answer the data that were thrown at him.

What can be the possible answers to this vexing problem.

This probably should help, but we are talking about 2018. AND it is still in planning. But as they say, better late than never. So this should supposedly take care of the non-bound traffic. What about the internal crawl that happens every day?

What are the govt. plans to address the vexing problem of last mile connectivity? Let me illustrate my own problems. I juggle my job as an independent web and finance consultant. Whenever I need to travel to meet my clients, I think of reaching them by metro and realise that the nearest metro station from  my client’s office is nearly a kilometre away. Now, that is not a great distance, to walk. But at 11 am in the morning, on a hot mid-May, it is not the most pleasing scenario to contemplate. So, out comes the car, which I drive nearly 15 Kms so that I do not have to walk that wretched last KM to my client’s home.

Auto-rickshaws won’t travel such short distance, and if they do, they will charge me an arm. Both options are, therefore, not worth the trouble.

Most commuters don’t fall into my kind of schedule. They are more regular office goers. Ideally, they should not have a problem reaching office, most of which must be in some business districts and therefore in easy connect with some Metro station. Their problem would be reaching the metro station from their homes in the morning and reaching homes from the metro station in the evening. These problems to a large extent can be tackled by a super efficient integrated feeder transport system that mimics the efficiency and the cost of the metro.

It is the irregulars who are often and always left in the lurch. The marketing professional who is out on a call. The patient and his/her family out to get to a hospital. The shoppers out to shop. The professions that have irregular timings. To a large extent the people who are out on the streets during the day happen to the bulk of these people. The metro does not truly serve them. Are they part of the strategising process?

Watch this space as I keep penning my thoughts. Yous too are welcome.

Even Day
My Car – Ends on an Odd Number

My Dad is a patient, though he hates being called one. He is obese and has a liver issue. Both of us wanted to go to the Patiala House Courts today afternoon. Google Maps gives the distance as 12 Kms, Near about 1:15 pm, checked up all the apps that are there on the phone for the trip. There were none. When one became available, the rated cost of 164/- became 410/- because of the 2.5X factor. Carpooling is hardly compatible, since I have to reach the courts on time and apart from the safety aspect, waiting for passengers going to same destinations is a sheer waste of time and energy.

How does the government plan to counter this? Or does the govt. expect us to pay Rs.410/- because of some sin that we committed in our past life?

Twitter has an unfortunate gentleman named Arvind Gupta (@buzzindelhi) who seems to have encountered a factor of 4.7 on Uber in the afternoon. I don’t think I want to imagine the evening pricing, when the rush is going to be manifold.

Having the Odd Even when the schools are operating is face-in-the-palm for the govt. because it closes a large avenue of transport options.

The concept of “X” factor for peak time travel needs a close inspection. Why is this being allowed? How is this being moderated? What are the safeguards for passengers for knowing real time information on the actual load? These are questions that will be asked in the coming days.

More in the coming days…. This issue is here to stay.