Dear Mr. Shivaswamy,


It takes enormous courage to actually admit that you were wrong, and I congratulate you on the same. That it took a vicious attack on the fourth estate to make you say that, for the present, may be looked over since as you so rightly said, you were indeed so shocked and awed that you did not see the signs that were evident even then.

This government is committed to some things. But kindly do not be under any delusion that “democratic functioning” belongs to that group. You have very rightly pointed out the mindset is to control, corrupt and thereby recast. This was so evident on the basis of the Gujarat riots that it completely bewilders me that others did not see it. Ah! yes, the paid suckers will be along soon, casting their acerbic attacks on this note with the time tested nonsensical logic that does not stand a ha’penny chance of logical scrutiny, but gains ground on Goebellsian repetition.

The parivar knows that it has another three years before it hands over power and within that three years it is hell-bent on propping up mechanisms that will ensure the perpetuity of their diabolical philosophy. They waited more than 60 years and they will ensure that the wait will not have been in vain.