Modi vs Tharoor on Sunanda Pushkar

You try your fancy punches on someone who was Under Secretary at the UN and this is what you get. Mr. N. Modi should at least have known to keep quiet on the subject of wives and girlfriends knowing how vulnerable he is to questions on his own “wife”.

He thought he had asked a smart one, but obviously, it boomeranged! 😀

Christmas – A Cradle of Love

Please download:

Note: There are lots of lots of rests. Please listen till the end and note the timeline to get a grip on when to enter and when to exit.

A Cradle of love – Soprano
A Cradle of love – Alto
A Cradle of love – Tenor
A Cradle of love – Bass
A Cradle of love – 4 Parts
A Cradle of love – Full Music.

A slow, melodic number but with pleasant harmony interspersed with speed and change in scale. Do learn fast.