Shifting s(t)ands

Tarun Vijay in this article asks the people to come out on the streets to protest against FDI.

In an article that does no justice to the shifting stands of both major political parties, Mr. Vijay casts aspersion on the language of the PM rather than on the merits of the speech. 

Nothing surprising in Mr. Vijay’s assessment. After all he represents the traders, who have traditionally been BJP voters. And we would have believed you to a far larger degree Mr. Vijay, if the Cabinet note prepared by the BJP government while in power had not allowed for 100% FDI in retail. This can be accessed by the simple route of RTI. You can talk of roar and morality and about votes and even about corruption. But the fact is neither you, implying BJP nor the congress are any different in your assessment either about the country or about the countrymen. Barring very few, all of you are cloistered monks living in fancy land, living to a dangerous degree on the fat of the land that has been built up by the toil of the industrious.

You will raise your voice when it suits YOUR interest, not the interest of the common man or as is so fashionable these days to call, “the aam aadmi”. And that goes for the congress too.
The people are engaged with the government of the day in more vibrant and interactive ways than ever more. The media must reinvent its calling and calibre. These will ensure that the government cannot ignore the voice of the people. It might still be that the government goes ahead and takes unpopular decisions. But the process of dialogue will ensure that there is transparency about the decision. Governments can and should rise and fall. This ensures that complacency does not set in. And between the devil and deep sea, the people have fabulous wisdom to elect the better of the two. The previous elections over the ages have shown it.