Values and Valuations

There was once a woman who was approached by a man for favours of a physical kind. The shocked woman lambasted his audacity and moved on. The persistent male kept up the persistence and openly offered a million dollars if she would consent for a night. A million dollars was of course, a large sum of money. The woman, probably swayed by the amount of money on offer considered long about it and later acquiesced to his overtures for a night.

Upon which, the male brought down his price to a few hundred dollars. The woman, plainly offended, said, तुमने मुझे समझ क्या रखा है? मैं ऐसी औरत नहीं हूँ|

The guy replies, तुम क्या हो, इसका तो फ़ैसला हो चुका है. अब हम सिर्फ़ तोल मोल कर रहें हैं|