Gujarat – 10 years – Whither The Way Forward?

Gujarat is uniquely positioned today.
It is a BJP-ruled state, ruled by what the right-wingers hail as the next Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi. He has been re-elected with thumping margins the two previous elections. The last election probably eroded marginally the groundswell that he has enjoyed. However it goes without saying that he is the Master, as far as Gujarat is concerned.
The industrial and agricultural outlook for Gujarat is among the highest in the country. There has not been a riot in the one-perenially riotous state of Gujarat. Investment climate is at an all time high with possibly only Maharashtra pipping it to more FDI inflow in the entire country.
This has happened in the backdrop of the Gujarat riots.
And now nearly 10 years later, how do we look at the twin episodes of Godhra train-burning and the Gujrat riots? I feel these intervening years have helped us to look at these incidents from non-partisan eyes. I would like to know your comments on it.
You might well ask why am I interested?
Well, because:
1. This debate has not reached a final conclusion.
2. Our understanding of democracy is very school-bookish. This is my attempt to understand it at a more practical level.
3. Our children have heard about the Gujarat phenomenon and will build on our understanding of the event. What are we telling them?
4. A dialogue can open up a channel of reconciliation.
and many more reasons…
Your comments please.