Islamophobia – How and Whither to

I have very few Muslim friends and thus my argument below is based on my own interpretation of the subject, and unfortunately not based on a discussion , dialogue or debate upon the points that I have raised below. I would certainly be most happy if someone could either support or oppose these arguments.
As long Islam continues with the concept of “the infidel cannot be kept alive and seen as an equal”, it will accept the converse as the truth. And if that is so, for so it appears wherever the Muslims are in majority, the minority gets decimated fast, either through coercive proselytization or bloody murder, then there is no other way than Islamophobia. And it will either be them or us. The whole problem is Muslims do not know what their religion is. Is it a peaceful religion? How do they explain the “execute-the-kafir-part?” Is it a violent religion? How do you justify your continuance in such a barbaric sect?
The people who follow Islam are simple people who are moulded into fundamentalist beasts because of the inherent contradictions that plague the religion. Nobody can explain the contradictions. So the best to way to avoid it being asked in public is to show a fascist streak that supposedly scares anybody from asking it.
I dont know how people can be converted to Islam and nobody has a problem with that, but the minute the same person converts to any other religion he is hounded, threatened and if possible eliminated.
Islam acts like petulant youngsters, who when they cannot get what they want, bent themselves to carnage and violence to display their frustrations. That obviously is against democratic norms. Which explains the muslims’ antipathy toward democratic principles.
Nowhere is this more glaringly visible than in a Muslim’s attitude towards another human being of the female gender. Though the semitic religion in totality are guilty of treating the female gender in the most abhorrent fashion, the Muslims take it to a phenomenally new level with their interpretation of what constitutes best for the woman. Since education emancipates not only the society, but also the family, the Muslim argument against female education gets only shriller. More and more the confused Muslim realises that the more the girl gets educated, the more she is going to question, and the more questions are raised, the more against-the-wall is he going to get. Scientific temper gets diluted because it is totally against the ethos of the religion.
Such and many other contradictions are at the heart of Islamophobia. For that matter, any religion that does not give the right to an individual to enter and exit at his/her will, is anti-humanity and it is only logical that phobia against it will only increase.