Godhra on the eve of elections

The Supreme Court has finally got down to getting justice for the Gujrat carnage vicims.

On Monday (Apr 27, 2009), it directed the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which is headed by the CBI ex-Director Mr. R K Raghavan, to probe the alleged role of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and his administration in aiding and abetting the 2002 riots.

This is the first time that Modi, has come under the scanner for one of the worst riots in recent years. Often in the past, accusing fingers have been repeatedly pointed at him, his cabinet colleagues and top state officials for their alleged complicity. Mayaben Kodnani, who was a minister in his cabinet, is already under arrest for the Naroda Patya carnage.

This, at a time, when he is being projected as the BJP’s future prime ministerial candidate. Though it remains to be seen whether he will work it to his advantage or not. The aura that once surrounded him following the pogrom in 2002 may be diminishing, however, there is no denying that he is still a force to reckon with in Gujrat politics.

If the SIT is able to crucially dent the image of Mr. Modi, that will put paid to his wishes to be the PM of India. For all his anti-minority rhetoric, that may be a good thing. But if his development of Gujrat is anything to go by, that seems to be a bad option!

But this way or other, it is absolutely essential that his tacit, covert or overt complicity on the Gujrat carnage needs to be comprehensively investigated. He may either be acquitted or convicted. Which ever way the pendulum swings, Modi will need to open his mouth and speak up for the whole of Gujrat. His silence on the matter is too suspicious for anybody’s (least of all the nation’s) good.

One doesn’t really want to pronounce judgement on Mr. Modi. But if his body language is any barometer, then he is bloody guilty as hell.

Anyway, jai ho!