Whatever for credible governance!

Over the years one has seen that the “party with a difference” gets into the news for all the negative reasons.

Even for Elections 2009, we have the Varun Gandhi hate speech, followed closely by the Rajnath Singh – Arun Jaitley spat. This was preceded by the straining of relations with the BJD.

Today, Maya Kodnani was cancelled her anticipatory bail. Tomorrow Varun Gandhi would court arrest at Pilibhit.

Thank God for leaders like Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh, BJP can stand tall. The others are a sheer embarrassment. Even their national leaders are a fractuous lot.

What, however, takes the cake, is their utter unwillingness to take up a positive agenda for governance. Mercifully, this time their slogan at least is positive.

But if they are constantly going to hark back on their Ram Sethus and Ram Janmabhoomis and Article 370s and Uniform Civil Codes, then I seriously fear that they are headed the Congress way.

It will take a much more stronger leader than Sonis Gandhi or Rahul baba to get the Congress back in shape. As is evident from the emerging political arena, the Congress-is are simply unwilling to shake off their inertia and get going. They find it extremely hard to digest the fact that it is no longer a predominant political force and is facing extinction in many of its past bastions.

Their only positive is that they stand for a pluralistic society in a secular framework.

If a viable third front would give a credible alternative, I assume both the Congress and the BJP would be finihshed.

The idea is to accept/elect the lesser of the three evils!