“Maryada Thekedars”

I strongly oppose the morality brigade that is out to keep a check on the moral code of people who live in independent, democratic, republic of India and petition the Government of Karnataka to take the strictest action action against these hooligans.

India has always been a pluralistic state that has welcomed everybody with open arms. The Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, the Zoroastrians, the Parsis, the Baha’is, they all have been welcomed and they have shown their gratitude by seamlessly integrating themselves in the pluralistic fabric of India in the best manner possible.

Of course, it has not been a complete assimilation. However, that has only proved to be a thing of beauty than otherwise.

The government of the day is voted in to pursue and implement political policies that do good to the populace. They have a legal framework and an executive to ensure that the laws that they frame are honoured by the population. Nobody, absolutely nobody, has the right to take law into his own hands and dispense justice as s/he feels fit.

The Mangalore incident is an absolutely abhorrent act that I condemn in the strongest manner possible. I, as a citizen of this country, hereby requests the courts to take suo moto action against these moronic hooligans and not to let them go to jail. Instead they should be asked to work on any socially relevant cause and the proceeds of the same should be disbursed to the ladies who had to go through that horrific incidents.

If the perpetrators of the crime are made to go to jail, it will only add to their sense of pseudo-causeism. Instead they should be made to pay for their misdemeanours in a manner that thrusts into their meagre brains the fact that their conduct was not only foolish but also at a great cost to themselves.

In addition to the litany of charges that can be filed against them, I also propose the following:
1. Complete debarment of holding any public office.
2. Complete and comprehensive withholding / revoking of driving license.
3. 1 year compulsory duty at an old-age home.

Splitting hairs on Slumdog millionaire

Imagine! SM sullying the image of Brand India!! What could be more nonsensical than that!

Are the detractors of the movie trying ot state that the Brand India that we have was created in some obscure cinema set in Mumbai? If it was not created there, how can it be wrecked there?

Though I fully understand that imaging as a “brand enhancer” is a valid concept, it only works when the underlying product is good. Conversely, if India is a soaring country, no amount of bad mouthing (which SM indeed does not) will do it any worse!

And still, if there are people who are going to perceive India through the cinematic eyes of SM, I can only tell them to have a life. They dont mean anything either to me or to Brand India!

As an Indian, I have substantial stake in Brand India. But I also have the wisdom to understand and differentiate between cinematic excellence and economic fundamentals. And I care precisely three hoots for those who cant care about the difference!