Points to Ponder for the Leftists sympathizers

Nandigram has turned into the Godhra of West Bengal. But the die-hard communist cringes at the equation. A few posers for the left sympathizers.

1. West Bengal is ruled by CPI(M).
2. It is the constitutional duty of the government to safeguard the honour, life and property of ALL its citizens.
3. From the 3rd of January 2007, when an unholy nexus of Maoists/Naxalites under the banner of TC took control of Nandigram, what was the administration doing?
4. If the administration failed, why was the army not called?
5. Why was this “alleged fact” not mentioned in the press? What does this say about the freedom and impartiality of the press in your state?
6. Since when has the gun-toting party members (goons, to be precise) become the official law-and-order machinery of a state?
7. Why does murder and loot and rape have to be the “official” weapons of the “state”?
8. The state response has been nothing but barbaric. It is against this “state barbarism” as opposed to “unholy nexus of M-Ns under the banner of TC” that the so-called intellectuals cried hoarse. While barbarism, per se, cannot be accepted, when it is sponsored by the State, it can and should NEVER be condoned. That is the ONLY reasons why Gujarat is still a national debate.
9. What does the 11 months of refugee-status in one’s own state say about the law-and-order situation in West Bengal?
10. What do you have to say about the Left’s assertion that Nandigram is a state subject while they had no qualms about discussing Godhra absolutely threadbare?