Cry baby

I had been doing quiz when I heard my wife busy crying while I thought she was sleeping. I actually got rather shocked. “What happened?” I asked. “Nothing,” came te reply. I felt this was one of those quizes, where whatever you were going to say would be held against you.

Still I persisted.

Just saw the NDTV debate on DUSU elections. There was this NSUI guy busy parroting a single phrase, ” …There has to be difference between the ideology of Gandhi and the ideology of Godse…” Honestly, I wanted to wring his neck and ask him whether he understood what the heck the “ideology of Gandhi or Godse” was?

NDTV was a good channel. Didn’t quite expect them to get a bloody novice to get the debate going. But at least NSUI did send their man. ABVP is pathetic. How cowardly can they be? But it would be nice if the independent candidate go the vote. There I go again all romanticizing…..:-)

Ah…. if wishes were horses…..